Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Mayela graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. While still in school, she studied abroad in New York and in London, UK. Soon after graduating, she moved to New York City where she is based now.

She has worked with the international press where she has had the opportunity to share her personal experiences as a beauty maven. Mayela has worked with acclaimed director Joe Pytka, actors James Franco, Chloe Sevigny, fashion designer Ricardo Seco, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Nicky Hilton, to mention a few. She has been a regular key make-up artist in the New York Fashion Week, and her work has been featured in international magazines like Vogue mexico,vogue usa, glamour usa, elle mexico, Institute, Cream, and p.

"I am constantly looking for new and exciting challenges in my life. I work with a great array of products, brands and people. I personally love to learn from the most creative minds and experiences. My work, to me, is the art of creating positive changes and possibilities every single day, having fun doing what I love and never finish learning."
— Mayela Vazquez


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