Hello everyone! 

This month I've started to try new and very easy things out of my routine that I've been enjoying very much. 

Once in a while, pamper yourself. Remember that YOU are the only one who knows what you need and what really makes you happy, If you don't take care of yourself no one will do it for you and after some years you'll regret it. Make sure you are sleeping enough hours a day, take a nice bath with candles, make time to read a book, or do once in a while something only for yourself. I personally LOVE having a nice massage once in a while, that helps me to relax and have a fresh start after that.

Drink enough water and add some vitamins and antioxidants in your diet. You can find them in fruits and veggies or even in a cup of tea or juice. This is so easy to do but for some reason we forget about buying more fruits and vegetables. Try it for a while and you'll see how your skin and body will feel and look better.

Exercise, keep yourself active. I try to walk from location to location or go to the gym if I have time during the day at least just for 45min. This will help to have more energy and it will make a huge difference if you do it.

Do something new, get inspired. When I want try something new and different, it always helps to go outside on the streets of NY,  listen to music and meet new people. 

Last week, I started painting again. It has been a while since I painted my last canvas, but I can't remember why I stopped. I really LOVE painting and it helps me to relax and to be more creative.

Be thankful. Having a positive perspective of everything you do will allow you to appreciate your present and worry less about your future. Keep a balance between your job, the things and the people you love.