This season I had the opportunity to travel to Paris with Ricardo Seco's team to create the look for his presentation during Fashion Week. ( The city itself has a lot to offer already, and on top of that, we visited during one of the most important weeks in the year. 

I want to share why I really liked Paris during Fashion Week.


One of the reasons I love NYC is that it's a great city to meet people from all over the world everyday on the street, in a coffee shop or even in the subway, but we all need to agree that the city can be too overwhelming during fashion week. Well, not Paris. One of the best reasons to visit Paris during fashion week is that everyone you want to meet in the beauty and fashion industry is there. From photographers, makeup artists, fashion editors, designers, bloggers and celebrities from all over the world flew to Paris for a week. What was different from NYC to me was the vibe.. The people at the shows, events and presentations were full of good energy which is always good to have when you are working, making easier to connect with others. 


The city is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Everything is charming, the city itself inspires you in every way: the buildings, the culture, the people's styles felt effortless but of course everyone looked very chic and elegant wearing lots of black and designer brands from head to toe. Most of the women in Paris showed fresh and natural skin, their key was to wear a nice lip color and trendy glasses. As for hair, different types of chignons, ponytails and up-does had something in common, most of them looked "messy" and "undone".


It's simple. Besides NYC, Paris has the best food! No matter which restaurant, coffee shop or bakery you pick, you will for sure get great quality in everything you get.